Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mizuno Irons

So how about a little iron talk. If I were to buy a new set of irons right now, I would be leaning towards these two: MP32 and MP30. What I am looking for is a forged blade look and a forged blade feel with just a enough forgiveness to help out this weekend warrior. The MP30 is by far the most forgiving of the two. However, the MP32 is something to be desired for the shotmaker in me. And from what I read online, it is quite forgiving for a blade too. Here is some quotes from the Mizuno Golf website describing these two amazing sets of forged carbon steel:

(Mizuno Golf) The new MP-32™ iron with Cut Muscle™ design technology is the player's club for the modern game of golf. Through intensive research, the Mizuno Design team evaluated the evolution of the game of golf and, in turn, created the new MP-32™ iron to maximize performance for today’s more aggressive game. Utilizing our patented Grain Flow Forging™ technology and the breakthrough Cut Muscle™ design, Mizuno engineers were able to strategically re-distribute weight to create a consistent sweet spot location, with a deeper center of gravity, while maintaining the maximum amount of solid feel throughout the set. These features deliver an extremely controllable and predictable ball flight, producing a mid-high trajectory in long irons and a mid trajectory in the scoring irons. Breakthrough Cut Muscle™ design delivers an extremely controllable and predictable ball flight.

The MP-30™ feature a classic head design for players seeking a cavity for playability and the workability of a forged muscle back. The MP-30™ offers golfers a clean look at address with a traditional top line, cambered sole, and cosmetics emblematic of Mizuno's legendary MP line of irons. Making an impact on the PGA Tour, the MP-30™ is an instant classic. Progessive cavity/muscle back design maintains solid feel while offering more playability in the long irons and more workability in the short irons. Grain Flow Forged™, 1025 select mild carbon steel provides outstanding feel. Durable double nickel chrome plated with mirror finish. Modified U-Grooves produce the ideal spin rate, for maximum playability in all conditions. Rolled leading edge, camered mid-sole, and beveled trailing edge deliver consistent striking ability from all types of lies.

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