Saturday, August 27, 2005


OK, memo to all PGA Tour Players: Tiger is scrapping it around, getting up and down from the trees and starting to win again. Hmm, scary thought! Sounds all to familiar to the pre 2000 run. Is domination on the horizon again next year?

"I hit the ball beautifully all day and just could not make a putt. I
either hit good putts that didn't go in or atrocious putts that weren't even
close," Woods said after shooting a 1-over-par 71 to finish at
6-under-par 274 to win the NEC Invitational.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Nice Touch...

Chips from the tall rough on 18th green to 2 feet, makes the putt to win. Nice touch.

Congrats Phil on winning the 2005 PGA Championship!

Picture perfect finish once again (with all the kids).

First... Second... First......... T-4th

First Place - The 2005 Masters

Second Place - The US Open

First Place - The British Open

Tied for 4th - PGA Championship
Not a bad year for Tiger Woods' record in the 2005 Majors. Oh, and by the way, that's alsoa total of 10 Major wins before the age of 30. Simply amazing.

Monday, August 08, 2005


I was watching a Jack Nicklaus special on TV the other day. In one of the interviews with Jack, he said something very interesting. When he started hitting winning majors, he said his actual golf game (swing, strategy, etc) didn't change or got better. What changed was his discipline, his focus on the shot. He said that once he learned to control his emotions and not let things bother him (bad shot, noisy crowd, etc), that is when his game improved and elevated to the next level. In my opinion, it's that discipline and focus is what I think seperates the top amateurs from the tour pros... and the tour pros from the major championship winners. All these guys I'm talking about have great swings, they can putt really well, and they all can hit the same type of quality shots... its this discipline that really seperates them. Jack was the best at it bar-none, and it looks like Tiger has mastered this nearly as well.